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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jwan, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. jwan

    jwan New Member

    First of all, I thought I had everything setup until I noticed something wrong, I can't send email to address of my same domain or even to itself. Eg. can't send to either or All tries to get through the relayhost.

    How to make it in such a way that all local mails (assuming hosting different domain) will not go out via the relayhost.

    Secondly, how to make POP3 to login using instead of web1_user? also make SMTP using also

    Thirdly, where can email users change their password? I had installed both Squirrelmail and UebiMiau, but none has ability to change password.

    Lastly, how come when I created a new email user and setup user real name, and then goes to either Squirrelmail and UebiMiau, the user name and email address are wrong??? i still have to reencode them in both Squirrelmail and UebiMiau to make it work.

    Setup is: Perfect setup of Ubuntu 6.06 Drapper / ISPconfig + relayhost (

  2. till

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