Email permissions issues after recovering from back up

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    A few days ago I had to restore my server from a snapshot and all went apparently well.
    Since my snapshot was a few days older, I downloaded my vmail folder entirely and re-wrote it to the server after the restore was completed (I thought that was a right action to do to ensure current email traffic wasn't lost)
    Shortly after I started having several email errors and issues. Folders content other than mailbox were not accessible, and several permission errors appeared in the log (below). I tried to fix the permissions to the folders & sub folders by changing these to 755 for one of the email accounts and that apparently helped, but I now see that all other mailboxes and accounts are also affected.
    Through webmail, all seems to be working OK, but when working with email clients (desktop & mobile) it is not possible to access the Mailbox folders/subfolders in a very weird way.

    Today I saw certificate errors in the log as well, not sure if that would be connected to my mistaken action.

    Would there be a way to repair these folder permissions to what these have to be? Any help and guidance on this I will really appreciate.

    OS version is Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (on a VPS)
    ISPConfig version is 3.2.2
    php (cli) version is 7.2.24-0ubuntu
    Using Dovecot
    htfreport.txt (removed multiple iptables lines to make it readable) and mail log attached.

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    chown -R vmail:vmail /var/vmail

    to cahnge the vmail folder and alls its sub folders and files to user and group vmail and then check if the issue is fixed.
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    Fantastic! it is fixed indeed, thank you very much !:)

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