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    I was wondering if anyone could help me - for various reasons one of my domains needs a catchall address but there is an incredible amount of SPAM coming at the account with emails being sent to multiple addresses at the domain... (here represented by


    to: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

    so the user ends up with 6 emails due to the catchall catching all of the recipients... Since it is only one incoming email - is there any way of stopping the email from being duplicated 6 times due to the catchall?

    I'm using ISP config (postfix / procmail)

    Apologies if this is a stupid question or on the wrong forum

    many thanks

  2. dtrotter

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    I had the same issue a while back for one a few of my domains. I did a combination of things.

    1. I created a default catchall named: catchall
    With this, the only mail that made it to the clients were ones addressed specifically to them. I also made sure the spam was enabled in ispconfig.

    2. Second client didn't want a catchall so I set up rules for their email client that basically said "If the to: field is not [email protected], or does not contain the email put it in the folder called 'possible spam' "

    With the second solution all the mail was delivered but his inbox was clean with only email to him specifically... Then the folder Possible Spam oculd be looked through by him manually to see if anything of interest was in it...

  3. hardim11

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    very useful - thanks will have a try!



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