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    Hello Team,

    1) Is there any way to issue a LE certificate for an email? I have one user who is using Apple Mail on his iOS device and it's giving him hard time to make it work with the self-signed certificate. I typically point the IMAP/SMTP to but technically even can be used as server since the email and web server are the same VPS/IP address.

    2) How does the whole certificate issuance works anyway? Why once different ports are used the previously issued certificate becomes invalid?
    I actually tried to use as mail server (for another domain) but the Thunderbird mail client gives error for invalid certificate but opening in browser works just fine.

    Btw. I tried to search for answer and only found this^ but I don't think that applies to me.
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    Basically, since ISPConfig 3.2+ is released, you can already secure your server with LE certs during ISPConfig install or update, which would include all of your server services including your mail service.

    Please note that only secures the mail service when your users use your server.domain.tld instead of using their own website.domain.tld although it is also possible to add more domains to such certs up to 99 more per server.
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    Web server and mail server are two separate applications. You can make them use the same certificate, and ISPConfig 3.2. sets them up that way (and FTP -server and ISPConfig panel also uses that same certificate). Seems in your case mail server does not have certificate or uses the self signed certificate?
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