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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kiddiak, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. kiddiak

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    apparently copying /var/vmail and importing mail_domain and mail_user tables in mysql ( change server ID etc. ) is not enough for everything to work. mail users and domains work 100% but when I go to ispconfig -> Email -> Domain, in "Server" there is no server attached to each domain, when I create a new domain in ispconfig it's the only one that has, in my case mail-01.domain.tld as Server. And therefor if I create a mailbox for the newly created domain it's processing my requests normally to the jobqueue and everything runs fine but not for the imported one's, nothing gets processed to the jobqueue :eek:

    This is not a big deal when I have 10 domains, where I can recreate the domains and mailboxes and lastly copy over /var/vmail but if I have 100 domains and my primary mail server crashes.. I'll need a quick importing solution. Any experience on this? :)
  2. kiddiak

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    anyone ?

    anyone? had the same problem with spamfilter users, when I imported spamfilter users, they had no server assigned, and therefor spamfiltering was not working until I manually created them in ispconfig.
  3. falko

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    Did you copy the whole ISPConfig db, or just parts?
  4. kiddiak

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    just the tables mail_domain, mail_forwarding and mail_user
  5. falko

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    I think that's the problem - some IDs in the copied tables don't match the IDs in other tables.

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