Email IMAP : Missing folders .Sent, .Drafts .Trash

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bluebirdnet, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Email Postfix : Missing folders .Sent, .Drafts .Trash

    I have ispconfig3 installed following the Debian guide on this site and email is working correctly, i can send and receive . I noticed that under the folder "\var\vmail\domain\user" there is no Maildir with any subfolders like ".Sent" or ".Drafts" etc etc.

    When sending emails using atmail there are no messages in my Sent. I also tried configuring an email client and none these folders are created. I tried creating the folders manually and still no change.

    I only have the "new" "cur" and "tmp" directly in "vmail\domain\user".

    Any ideas? When you create a mailbox with Ispconfig3 it should create the folder structure under Maildir no?

    thanks for any help.
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  2. bluebirdnet

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    ive found something. Installed Squirrelmail and logged in and now I have .Sent .Draft and .Trash.

    So with Evolution Mail and Atmail they dont create the folders.

    I am still trying to understand why there is no Maildir folder.
  3. Hardknox

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    You must add these lines to postfix

    maildirmake ~/Maildir/

    When you log in to your email account, postfix will create folders in imap mailbox
  4. till

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    @Hardknox: ISPConfig does not use a folder called Maildir. ISPConfig uses a virtual user setup with its own layout, a folder called Maildir is not needed and not used. Your command will not work with virtual users as all accounts have the same system user.

    If he wants to create more folders beside the Inbox automatically, he will have to modify the ispconfig mailbox plugin. There are threads about that topic here in the forum that explain this.

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