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Discussion in 'General' started by jcombs_31, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. jcombs_31

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    I have a few emails being forwarded for different domains. If I set the forwarded email address to something like hotmail, it goes through, but ISPs and other servers are blocking it. What would be the reason for this?


    If I sent this directly from outlook, I never get a message back from my server saying the message could not be sent.

    I'm looking more through the logs and see a lot of blocked for abuse messages. These are just basic messages, so something coming from my server these other mail servers don't like.

    Edit: I've also seen some errors "DNS Check Error"

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  2. till

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    Make sure that the hostname of your server exists in DNS and that the IP of your server is a static IP and that you have a correct reverse dns record for your IP pointing to the hostname of your server.
  3. jcombs_31

    jcombs_31 New Member

    For some reason I can see Reverse DNS was no longer set up. My provider is adding the entry for me, I'll see if that fixes it.
  4. jcombs_31

    jcombs_31 New Member

    Now I see I'm getting blocked for abuse from Att

    Looking at the page it seems to think I am spamming. Why would this be and how can I fix it? Reverse DNS is now working and resolving to my hostname.
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  5. falko

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    I think you should contact AT&T support.
  6. jcombs_31

    jcombs_31 New Member

    I did, I got an email back pretty quick saying they didn't see my IP address as blocked. Strange.
  7. falko

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  8. jcombs_31

    jcombs_31 New Member

    That's the form I filled out to get a response. I sent an email back but no further response yet. I sent them the error notice right from my logs which clearly shows that I'm being blocked for abuse, but they say they don't see it. Doesn't make any sense.

    I did get through to another server that was giving me problems before, so at least part of the problem is fixed.

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