Email config: Newly installed Centos/Postfix/ISPConfig3

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    I'm very new to this community. My heartiest thanks to the wonderful how-to's (The Perfect Server - CentOS 6.3 x86_64 (nginx, Courier, ISPConfig 3)), which helped me a lot to install and configure my Web/DNS/Mail/MySQL server without major issues. Everything works as expected except I cannot connect to my mail server using Outlook or other email client. But the webmail (squirrelmail) works and I can send/receive emails (using a relayhost).

    Here is some detail of the system (domain/ip is not actual):

    I have everything installed in the same server.
    Hostname: websvr fullname:
    Private IP: (I have NAT in my router and ext IP

    There is a MX entry in DNS zone for and I can ping to that.

    I can telnet to the port 25 using only hostname (websvr) or local IP ( but unable to telnet 25.

    Any help will be greatly apprecieted.
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    PLease check the dns records of domain and ensure that there is a A-Record for pointing to the IP address of your server.
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    Thanks buddy.
    A and MX record both is there for and I can ping it. I asked to my provider and they confirmed no port is blocked. I configured 587 port but it is still the same. I can telnet to localhost/private IP but not

    I disabled the firewall in my router and checked the NAT for 25/587, they are ok. I also disabled the iptables in the server (to check). But nothing helped. Just one more information, I can't also telnet 110/143, none works.
    Seems something is blocking my smtp/pop3/imap ports for accessing from outside.

    Do you think my postfix config is ok?
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