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  1. cortexx

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    ubuntu Feisty fawn perfect server setup with ispconfig.

    we are suffering from "no such user" bounce bac spams .

    how do we configure the mail server to ignore email addresses that dont exist on our server without sending back a reply ?


  2. cortexx

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    Bump ? :(

    sorry to be impatient but we are suffering around 100,000 backscatter instances a day at the moment and have been contacted by our ISP to do something about it or they will block ports so that our email servers wont function until we can prove we have remedied the situation.
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  4. cortexx

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    thanks for the response although looking at the link i have a hard time understanding how to apply it with my level of linux knowledge safely to our server .

    Is there any kind of walk through on this site that can improve the security of postfix that i can use? or do you have plans in the near future to release such a walk throught ?

    It seems that over the last month there has been an explosion of this type of spam taking advantage of mailservers such as ours.


    Cort :confused:
  5. cortexx

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