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    Good day,

    Are emails backup up in the users profile job on ISPConfig? I see it backs up Web and DB in 2 separate jobs. I want to be sure emails are backed up also. I have a customer that only wants a few email accounts. There is only web in /var/www/clients/ (no clients/Maildir).

    I've seen from a previous post : /var/vmail. I guess I can tar.gz that whole folder. Or do it manually for /var/vmail/ or even /var/vmail/
    ref :

    If emails are not backed up automatically with the backup job, what do you recommend? Setting up a cronjob manually? I guess I somehow answered my own question! Still interested on your view and opinion.

    Thank you,

    JP Cyrenne
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    A backup function for email ahs been developed for ISPConfig 3.2, so in the current version, emails are not part of the backup.

    Normally you should have a full system backup already, e.g. with duplicity, so you can restore emails from that backup. If you want to have an additional email backup, then create a cronjon that backs up /var/vmail, this flder contains all mailboxes.

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