Email authentication problem after multiserver install

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mrbcast, Mar 10, 2013.

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    I installed 5 hp dl360 G5 servers with debian 6 and ispconfig in a multiserver setup where a master and 4 mirrors all share all services and have master to master DB replication. I have two Zen Load Balancers setup to listen on two static IP's from my Comcast Business Class service. One listens for ns1 and the other listens for ns2. The 5 servers are behind the LB's on local ips The LB's are porting all ports to the 5 servers and all web services and db services seem to be working fine. Web pages are getting served up and wordpress sites are finding and using db's just fine. When it comes to email, however, the services are somewhat skewed. The squirrelmail service can be accessed by going to the LB's ip address, but cannot authenticate on any un or pw. Squirrelmail can authenticate and send and recieve when going to it from one of the servers local IP's 192.*.*.200-204. Email Client can authenticate to receive from inside the network but not send. The client cannot authenticate from outside the network to send or recieve. I am at a loss as to what to do. Please help me in any way you can. I am attaching the mail.log from server 1. I will be happy to provide the logs from the other servers if necessary. Thanks for all your help.
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    Ok, for all of you out there who have loaded ISPConfig and then ended up with a situation where you couldn't send email from within your network on your email client but could recieve it. Got endless authentication requests from smtp and could send and recieve from squirrelmail but couldn't get into it from outside the network. Here's what I figured out. When I installed ISPConfig, I chose on the last step not to use SSL. This is where the problems come from. When you don't use SSL you end up with SASLAUTH not starting up during boot, or it starts and then shuts down. Rather than going through a huge headache like I did for three days, just install it fresh and select SSL. If you're load balancing like me with Zen Load Balancer, you'll have to set up a LB farm for the master server only through TCP. If you try to use the HTTPS on 8080 it will fail to connect. Please feel free to inbox me with any questions I might be able to answer. Thanks so much to ISPConfig for saving me $2100.00 in costs with Interworx. It's a great CP im sure, but you can't beat Open Source. Thanks ISPConfig. You're Awesome!

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