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Discussion in 'Technical' started by 1stRonin, Dec 7, 2007.

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    this bug/security issue fixed...

    i am ehcp developer.
    ehcp is a hosting control panel for all debian based distros.
    you may have a try.

    i want to inform you that:

    * i'm sory but, the bugs/related vulnerability fixed ;) i would be happy if you find new ones...
    * ehcp version 0.23.1 released,
    * tested on debian, dns,apache,mail,ftp, all working needed for a hosting environment.
    * under development, this is still beta, i need your feedbacks, all kind of support.

    * uninstallation script on the way....
    * ehcp troubleshooter improved a bit
    * installation:
    tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
    cd ehcp

    * ehcp site:
    * ehcp forums:

    if you need (further) assistance, you may contact me at my msn/email: [email protected], or my gmail account: bvidinli

    ehcp is the first and only :eek:pensource,full php, object oriented, gpl, free hosting control panel on the earth

    I need php developers, html designers, testers, hosting providers to be able to continue this project.
    if you think you may help me in one of these ways, or if you want to help and dont know how to do, please contact me..
    All kind of help is welcome.

    (Turkish: yardima ihtiyaci olan benimle irtibata gecsin)

    see you
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    version 0.24 available with many enhancements

    ver 0.24 is available,

    webmail added,
    installer improved,
    security improved..

    to install,

    issue following commands to download ehcp and install it:

    tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
    cd ehcp

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