ehcp 0.29 new features and installation

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    tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
    cd ehcp

    ehcp is Easy Hosting Control Panel
    new with ehcp 0.29:
    Bulk domain add - Add all domains in single step,
    Add multiple domains to an ftp account,
    Add domain to existing ftp account,
    Add mysql db to existing mysql user and vise versa,
    Domain redirect to an url
    Advanced: Intro to multi-server concept, support for separate mysql server for users

    new features with ehcp 0.28:
    * Easy Script installs (one-click installs)
    * custom http
    * custom dns
    * subdomains
    * password protected domains
    * email forwardings
    * domain transfer to another user
    * webftp (net2ftp)
    * multiple templates
    * security, installer improved

    Existing features:

    * Mangement of :domains, dns, email, ftp, mysql, phpmyadmin, webmail (squirrelmail), resellers, panelusers,
    * Opensource, GPL, full php, object oriented, modular, easily modifiable/extendable design..
    * server backup/restore,
    * Different Menus for Server Admin, Reseller, domain admin

    How you can help/support:
    Sory for Turkish/English mixture,


    if you wish to support ehcp, you may do by means of providing the following, whichever you can:

    1- Server
    2- Virtual Server, vps,
    3- Reseller Account for hosting
    4- Hosting Account
    5- Coding, programming support
    6- html design support
    7- Advertise support
    8- Testing support, bug-report
    9- Donate to ehcp (look here)
    10- Suggest new features,

    and so on..

    ehcp'ye destek olmak isterseniz, imkanlarınız olcusunde
    aşağıdakilerden birini veya birkacini saglayabilirsiniz:

    1- Sunucu,
    2- Sanal sunucu, vps,
    3- Reseller hesabı
    4- Hosting
    5- Kodlama Desteği
    6- Html tasarım desteği
    7- Tanıtım Desteği
    8- Test etme
    9- ehcp ye bagis (look here)
    10- yeni ozellikler onerin...

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