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    Re: ispconfig3.04,apache2,debian 6
    Have a server EG with OVH france

    I bought a rapiddssl certificate.
    I follow the tuto made by Mr Falko trying to adapt with rapid ssl

    It doesn't work because there is already a ssl self-signed by ovh made by somebody of us (who?:don't know) and written somewhere in the server (don't know where).

    When a browser connects to ispconfig, it meets the ovh certificate ans says it's wrong.

    Installationchecker gives the following information: "the following root issuer is not supported by the certificate installation checker: ovh valid fom to 2013"

    How to overwrite this root certificate? or How to place the right certificate in the right place?
    (can't have any useful help from rapidssl)

    Thank you for any help

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