Easy mail account add/edit/delete for non-admins! Now, here's an idea...

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    It was relatively easy to install the latest 0.3 version of RoundCube in ISPConfig 3:

    - add new site
    - get latest version of roundcube
    - extract it under new site
    - run the install script from the browser
    - ...fiddle around with some settings to fine-tune it.

    Then, I came across this article. This guy has made a RoundCube plugin that works with PostfixAdmin and adds the following feature:

    - gives certain users (mail accounts) admin rights.
    - when these users log in their RoundCube webmail and visit their 'Preferences' tab, a new 'User Admin' option is made available to them.
    - there they can perform very simple/basic actions on accounts like add, edit or delete.

    This is exactly what I was looking for!...

    Use case: Some admins go away on vacation and leave a guy behind in their shoes. These guys don't usually know that much about system/network administration, but they are the next best thing to the admin of the company. So, what they need is a very-very simple, easy-to-use and familiar looking ('pretty') interface to perform these actions.

    The admins on the other hand, are not that comfortable with giving full access to the ISPConfig interface to these people, but they are left with no other option.

    Now, if we could make this roundcube plugin work with the ISPConfig database, it would be something! Wouldn't it?

    So far I managed to discover the following:

    1. For this plugin to work with postfixadmin, you have to add a new field with the name 'is_admin ' (tinyint, not null) to the 'mailbox' table of the postfixadmin's database.

    This field can also be added to the 'mail_user' table in the ISPConfig's database. Not sure how this will effect user selecting mysql scripts(?)

    2. It also needs a new table to be created called 'quotacron'. This is probably used for quota display... not sure how it works exactly yet though.

    You have to create a cronjob that executes a quota_cron.php file

    */5 * * * * cd /path/to/roundcube/plugins/manage_users/; php quota_cron.php

    3. ...

    [I will be editing this post as I go, but any help is welcome. Also let me know if you like this idea]
  2. till

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    Do not add this field or you will loose the ability to update ispconfig in future. If you would try to update, you would loose the database as the db schema is incompatible with the updated version. Same for the quotacron table.
  3. Horfic

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    I would just use the frontend of the script, would add the new field "is_admin" in the roundcube user table and would recode the backend yourself. Then you would have a nice integration in ISPConfig.

    PS: You wouldn't need the Cronjob and the cronjob field, because ISPConfig does that for you and it shouldn't take more than two hours.
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