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Discussion in 'General' started by mike_phi, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. mike_phi

    mike_phi New Member

    Hi there,

    I am new to IspConfig, just wanted to find out if there is any posibility to enable clients to perform
    Easy Install for phpBB,Mambo , WordPress and similar frameworks or do they have to manually ftp these sites.

  2. Leszek

    Leszek Member

    No,not at the moment.
    They can use ftp.
  3. PermaNoob

    PermaNoob Member

    Personally I'd offer the installation as a free service. Those are pretty easy, even for a noob like me, and after you do a few shouldn't take more than 5 minutes--time well spent if your customers are important to you.
  4. SoftDux

    SoftDux New Member

    probably, but 5 minutes per install quickly adds up if you need to install 100 / 500 scripts. And since it's free, users tend to have various odd requests as well, which adds to the free admin time. This is fine for a hoby driven site, but not for a business who pays a salary for a tech todo free work.

    From a business point of view it makes a lot of sense to have an option where users can easily install common scripts like CMS', Blogs, Wikis, Forums, etc from a script installer. Fantastico on cPanel, and Plesk Powerpack does this and people pay for those control panels because of those features. I'm sure such a feature could increase ISPConfig's popularity as well

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