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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Toucan, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Toucan

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    I'm running ispconfig 3 on a lenny installation as per the perfect setup guide. I have a site held on another server else where that I want to FTP to my site.

    I intend to use a terminal cli to navigate in to the directory on my server where I want to place the files. Can someone tell me what the FTP command would be once I've navigated into the other server to copy all files, subdirectories and their files into the current directory on my server over righting any duplicates.

    Help appreciated

  2. phamels

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    I would suggest using ncftp if you are going to do this over FTP.
    It's very easy to use and install (lenny: apt-get install ncftp)

    You could then connect to the server where your website currently resides and just download it onto your new server.

    Just make sure that you use ncftp on your new ISPConfig machine and that you are logged in as the user for the correct new website on that machine or you might end up in having permission issues.

    Another possibility would be, you take a windoze machine, install a free ftp client like filezilla, download your website from the current server and upload it to the new ISPConfig machine.

    Hope this is somewhat clear for you and helps you out !
  3. Toucan

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    Thanks for that. Yes it was clear and did make sense. I'm sure on another occasion I will use ncftp.

    I did consider the windoze option using filezilla. I didn't because... and correct me if i'm wrong (because I would like to know), My ISPConfig server is at a remote location to where I would be doing this and my bandwidth is limited and I didn't want to run an entire joomla site with media file from the 1st server, to my local machine then to the new server eating my precious bandwith. I did think of opening in filezilla 2 connection: 1 to 1st host, 1 to new host and copying the files from one to the other. That's the bit where I wasn't sure if it would cut my local machine out of the equation taking the short cut from server to server.

    Anyway, the answer I came to in the end was zip the remote joomla site up using joomla pack and leaving the zip on the old server. I would then use my local machine using a terminal shell to log into my new ispconfig server, naviagate to the new site, and then use ftp to get the zip file from the old server - cutting out my local machine for sure!

    Now all my sites are safely on my own ISPConfig server I can stop paying my old ISP money each month.

    This was a good solution for moving joomla sites from an old ISP to ISPconfig.

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