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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Lord_Garfield, Mar 22, 2007.

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    hi all,

    I'm looking for server software like ebox. But I only know ebox. The functions I'm looking for is the folowing.

    -groupware server (mail, appointments, tasks etc...)
    -Domains (LDAP)
    -windows compatibility (Office, outlook to connect to groupware)
    -file sharing to linux desktops, windows desktops and MacOS desktops (SAMBA)
    -synchronisation of mail to mobiles (push mail stuff to windows mobile or blackberry)
    -intranet functionality
    -vpn for road warriors or/and offline working

    fun but not prior.
    -software distribution
    -roaming profiles look

    I only found ebox wich is almost there. But not yet.

    Are there other software packages that deliver this. I work with windows SBS servers and would like to see some linux alternatives for this wich are for free offcource becouse they must be cheaper than SBS. I found 2 commercial projects but at the end they cost more then windows SBS.

    So if you happen to know a few please post them here so i can check them out..

    the ones i found that could be usefull
    -ebox (http://ebox-platform.com/)
    -Karoshi (http://www.linuxgfx.co.uk/karoshi/mambo/dev/)
    -Zimbra (http://www.zimbra.com/)

    tanks in advance
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    check clarkconnect i think that what ur looking for

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