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    Hope this helps someone.

    Here is my setup:

    Router WRT54G (dynamic IP) configure with DMZ pointing to internal IP of ISPC server (virtualbox), router also has DDNS setup to update dyndns.org if my IP changes.
    All my domains are handled by GoDaddy and I also have a dyndns account for my dynamic IP.
    mydomain.com (Godaddy)
    lxserver1.mydomain.com (Godaddy)
    host2.mydomain.com (GoDaddy)
    host1.homelinux.net (dyndns)

    internal IP: 192.168.x.100
    Ubuntu 9.10 fresh install with ISPConfig

    1. Created host1.homelinux.net on dyndns.com. This is the domain that is updated by the router if my external IP changes.
    2. Created lxserver1.mydomain.com on GoDaddy and created a cname record to point to host1.homelinux.net (the dyndns host)
    3. Created host2.mydomain.com on Godaddy which also points to host1.homelinux.net
    4. Logged on to lxserver1.mydomain.com:8080 to configure ISPConfig. Disabled mail and DNS
    5. Changed the IP of lxserver1.mydomain.com in ISPConfig > System > Edit Server IP to internal server IP (192.168.x.100)
    6. Created client1 with default limits
    7. Logged out of ISPC and logged in with client1
    8. Created site, host1.homelinux.net
    -autosubdomain :*
    -joomla site
    9. created site, host2.mydomain.com
    -autosubdomain :*
    -wordpress site

    a. When I browse to lxserver1.mydomain.com, I get the default web site of the server.
    b. When I browse to host1.homelinux.net, I get client1/web1
    c. when I browse to host2.mydomain.com, I get client1/web2

    lxserver1.mydomain.com/webmail (useless for now since I don't handle email)


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