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Discussion in 'General' started by Zingaro2002, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Zingaro2002

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    Hi people!

    I'm a newbie with Ipconfig... so be patient with me!

    I've successfully installed 2.2.24 version on a ubuntu 8.04 server with a static private IP address behind a firewall that does natting to a static public IP address.

    I successfully created my first domain (say "provaprova.it") and my first user, that can send and receive e-mail (using telaen and with an e-mail client).

    First question:
    I'd like to configure Ispconfig as a master dns server for this domain (for www, ftp, email services).
    Can you tell me, step by step, what I have to do?

    Second question (linked to the first one):
    I'd like to have a Dynamic dns server for this domain so that:
    - my server can assign a virtual domain (say "ciccio.provaprova.it") to a dynamic public address (every user has ADSL connection to Internet, so his IP address changes from time to time and it's assigned randomly from his connection isp (I am NOT his connection isp)

    - any user of my domain (provaprova.it) can have a windows utility that, when his ip address change, can tell to my server to dynamically update dns informations and to link ciccio.provaprova.it to the new IP address.

    In other words: I want to offer a dynamic dns service to my users (such as dyndns.com or others on Internet).
    I don't want my users to use those services (even if they are free).

    Can you tell me step by step how to do this?

    If it is too complex (maybe impossible with ISPconfig) please tell me what I have to do: maybe a different linux distribution (I can also use another different server!) or... tell me!

    Thank you very very very much!!!
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  2. Zingaro2002

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    Can anybody help me?
  3. Ben

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    Please don't push threads. Ppl going through unreads posts / threads will answer in case they know something.

    I don't much in this case because I do not use the NS function of ISPConfig as most NICs require to have at least two Nameservers responsible for a zone (so I do not want to setup a second server as slave of my ispconfig machine) and besides this my domain registrar servers me with nameserver service for free.

    Anyway, you have to set you ISPConfig machine as authoritative for your domains with your domain registrar, which nameservers to use. From my point of view that's it.

    Regarding the dyndnsthing, you may take a look at nsupdate (http://linux.yyz.us/nsupdate/) but I don't know if it will get in conflict with ispconfig when regenerating the zonefiles.
  4. falko

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  5. Zingaro2002

    Zingaro2002 New Member

    Thank you very much, falko!

    Your tutorials are always good!

    What about my "dynamic dns" question?
    How can I add a dynamic dns service to my ispconfig server?

    Does nsupdate conflict with ispconfig?
    (by the way: thanks also to Ben, I apologize for upping my thread...)

    Thanks again!!!!!
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    To be honest, I'm not sure...

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