Duplicate emails on mirrored mail server

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by James A, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. James A

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    Hi, we have two mail servers which are duplicating each other. The have master master replication on the dbispconfig database and glusterfs running on th var vmail to keep all files in sync. IMAP and POP3 (I believe) connections are handled through courier.

    The issue I have is if for some reason we have to change a user from accessing their mail on one server to accessing it on the other server there is a reasonable chance that they will get duplicate emails from some weeks ago. Also if we have to restart a server they are logged onto they may redownload all emails on that server.

    The users having the issue have all selected the leave messages on the server option.

    Have we set up a redundant mail server in the right way or should we be doing things diferently?

    All help appreciated and extra info can be provided where required.
  2. erosbk

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    I don't now exactly but, when you download mails and kept them in the servers, they are all marked as "downloaded", if you move a client from one to another server, maybe in the "new" server the messages are not marked as "downloaded", so, the client will download them again, duplicating mails...

    Maybe you must see which files are you replicating, and see if you are comparing correctly that files, or if you are skiping them by name only (if exists, ignore...)

    I don't know how glusterfs works...


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