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    Hi Guys
    I am looking to put some redundancy in place.
    Currently I have one full server setup, and i need a replica created, that acts as a fail over in case the main server is down for what ever reason.
    Is this possible with Master and Slave, and are they are direct copy? We are a small server, only sending maybe 2000 emails per day.

    If a slave is what I need, can I just spin up a new VM and point it towards the master?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. till

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    Can this be done if the master server has already clients or does it need to be a fresh install?
  4. till

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    It should be possible to do that on a server with clients by running Tools > Resync in ispconfig after you setup the second node to force the migration of the existing data to the new mirror mode. But in any case, do a full backup of your first node before you start.
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