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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by agchenry, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. agchenry

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    i'll post this here since i may have posted in wrong place and had no response may be this would be a more appropriate place to post .
    Not sure if this has been explained but i havent found the setup i would like.
    I built a "Perfect server Ubuntu 8.10 x64 ISPCONFIG3 " and it works great! (many thanks to the author) I was able to set up websit ftp, and email just fine. Since i have a ATT uverse internet (AT&T U-Verse 2wire 3800 gateway) in dmzplus mode.I left eth1 in dhcp (att uverse doesnt let static ip devices be in dmzplus mode)and all works well configued the host like shown in the howto guide ( localhost.localdomain localhost server1.example.com server1) except for the where i used my actual internet ip uverse provided the server with. Now what i would like to do is use eth0 for my local network that will provide internet and assign ip addresses to my other computers and maintain eth1 in dhcp. i would leve it how it is now but how my server is in dmzplus mode it cannot be seen by my other computers on my network (its like if the server was on a diffrent local network) Can anyone share with me the steps i should take in order to have the ability to share files on my local network with my server and visa versa? (my mother board has to gig nics) what application would i get? and what firewall should i use on the server?
  2. till

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    ISPconfig is not made to be run on a router, so it might work but its not an ideal solution. You should better get a dedicated small router which are very cheap (about 30 EUR here in germany) and then run your server independantly from the router inside your network.
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    I second that. Having your websites and email run on the server that you also use for firewall and routing causes a lot of problems, since your internal view of the network is different from the outside view.
    If you have a laptop that needs to work occaisionally on other locations, you'll need to switch /etc/hosts and stuff like that. It gets worse with things like PDA's and smartphones that switch from local Wifi to 3G. Getting bind setup for split-views is also not for the faint of heart..

    Just stick in some extra dedicated hardware (although you still run the risk of the complications I sketched here).

  4. agchenry

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    could you elaborate ? i have a dir-655 laying around but done understand what you are trying to say my configuration now is att uverse modem (2wire3800) goes to gigabit switch from there i have my ispconfig server on DMZplus mode (servers ip address is the same one i get if i type in whatismyipaddress.com) and my other 3 computers are on my gigabit switch. can i configure my network the way your saying adding the dlink router in my setup? how would i hook everything up?
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    Well u can use the setup that i have..... I have Debian Lenny server with ispconfig 3 , 2 NIC card and 1 SMC Wireless rooter with 4 ports... The set up is like this... direct link to server from Internet provider on NIC 1 (eth0) , port forwarding from server to NIC 2 (eth1) , link from NIC 2 to Rooter and from rooter to the rest of the computer. With this layout all internet trafic goes trought the server . Results : Server is direct connected to internet , no need of port forwarding trought rooter and other nasty stuff... and better management of the internet . Hope it works for u :D
  6. robilaur

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    Oh.... and if u need the port forwarding script i`l be happy to share it with u ...
  7. agchenry

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    thats exactly the setup i would like! if you can walk me thru (total linux noob less than a week lol) the setup i would sure appriciate it. What i have now is an ubuntu server 8.1 w/ ispconfig 3 my main goal is to have a webserver, with a members only ftp so that i can share some of my files friends and family, and ofcourse my local network. i have a dlink dir-655 laying around that i could use for the router. i would need detail on setting it up tho. no idea how to foward internet to nic 2 the way you mentioned above. My biggest dislike on my setup now is that for me to put files from one pc to the server its only 2MB max upload why i would like the setup you mentioned. I would be able to use my gig network more efficiently and get faster transfer speeds between my local network pc's and the server . thanks for you help!
  8. robilaur

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    OK....il help.... contact me on my messenger ID

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