du -s on NFS store OOM errors

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lee.veal, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. lee.veal

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    Hello All,

    We recently upgraded our server cluster from to, system stalls with OOM errors logged to dmesg. Killing off the du process's returns the server back to normal.

    [ 1926.521367] Out of memory: Kill process 11106 (du) score 768 or sacrifice child
    [ 1926.523594] Killed process 11106 (du) total-vm:9882896kB, anon-rss:7644924kB, file-rss:4kB

    [13893.339418] Out of memory: Kill process 25253 (du) score 544 or sacrifice child
    [13893.342813] Killed process 25253 (du) total-vm:7111688kB, anon-rss:4838704kB, file-rss:152kB

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or one similar ?
  2. till

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    Is this a share for email or websites and if its a email share. do you use dovecot or courier?

    You can disable the use of du (which is a fallback mode) under System > Server config > email > Mailbox quota statistics
  3. lee.veal

    lee.veal Member

    Thank you, The option has been disabled

    It is a pair of courier servers configured to for virtual mail box mounted on /var/vmail

    It is happening on both of them, which leads me to think it is a NSF issue

    192.168.100.XXX:/share/mail /var/vmail nfs rw,async,nfsvers=3,wsize=32768,rsize=32768 0 0
    192.168.100.XXX:/share/data /var/data nfs rw,async,nfsvers=3,wsize=32768,rsize=32768 0 0

    Side note , since the upgrade the server performance has increased considerably!

    once I chmod -x /usr/bin/du that is .. Thank you for your response .

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