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  1. djtremors

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    hey all,

    was working on a dlink router which had a very slick interface and what I liked about it was that it used javascript for the trees which kept it's state of the branch being opened or closed even after refreshes.
    It basically just uses session cookies to store the tree banch value on or off and kept it between refreshes etc.

    I gave this a try with ispc but failed and my javascript kinda sucked anyway but was hoping someone could give it a go.

    my problem I think was that i used the wrong index id of the tree when storing so it went bonkers before I just restored it.. he he
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  3. djtremors

    djtremors ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    well the issue is that ispconfig doesn't use that and doesn't hold the state of the tree so was hoping we could get that into the svn or next release considering I've got quite a few branches now and i'm sure others must be hating it reducing all the time.
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    Maybe its a good idea to use a ajax tree menu instead of the simple DHTML menu. I think we shall not use any pear packages, pear is very blotaed and if you want to use one package you will have to load many other dependant base packages from pear.

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