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    Note: There currently aren't a lot of frequently asked questions on dsync, but in preparation of publishing the new multiserver guide, I want to be one step ahead.
    Some commands that are good to know:
    To view the status of replication:
    doveadm replicator status
    To show the users that are replicated:
    doveadm replicator status '*'
    Do a manual sync:
    doveadm sync -A tcp:mx1.example.com
    Initiate a replication of one mailbox manually:
    doveadm sync -u [email protected] tcp:mx1.example.com
    If your system is not syncing, make sure:
    - The correct settings (noted in the perfect multiserver guide) for Dovecot are placed in /etc/dovecot/conf.d/99-ispconfig-custom-config.conf and in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf-custom/install/dovecot_custom.conf.master.
    - Both servers have a valid SSL certificate for the hostname.
    - The doveadm_password (set in the earlier mentioned config file) is the same on both servers.
    - The servers can reach each other and the doveadm_port is opened in the firewall of both servers (but only for traffic from each other - don't open this port publicly).
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