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    I install and configure an ISP-style mailserver with postfix+dovecot+dspam and virtual user upon MySQL databases.

    In particular I use this two howto:
    I use a debian etch and the DSPAM installed package are:
    dspam 3.6.8-5
    dspam-doc 3.6.8-5
    dspam-webfrontend 3.6.8-5
    libdspam7 3.6.8-5
    libdspam7-drv-mysql 3.6.8-5 
    I configure DSPAM to save the preferences of each user on MySQL dspam database, as You can see in /etc/dspam/dspam.conf:
    Home /var/spool/dspam
    StorageDriver /usr/lib/dspam/libmysql_drv.so
    #TrustedDeliveryAgent "/usr/sbin/sendmail"
    DeliveryPort 10026
    DeliveryIdent localhost
    DeliveryProto SMTP
    Trust root
    Trust dspam
    Trust vmail
    Debug *
    DebugOpt process spam fp
    TrainingMode teft
    Algorithm graham burton
    PValue graham
    AllowOverride trainingMode
    AllowOverride spamAction spamSubject
    AllowOverride statisticalSedation
    AllowOverride enableBNR
    AllowOverride enableWhitelist
    AllowOverride signatureLocation
    AllowOverride showFactors
    AllowOverride optIn optOut
    AllowOverride whitelistThreshold
    Opt out
    TrackSources spam virus
    ParseToHeaders on
    ChangeModeOnParse on
    ChangeUserOnParse off
    ClamAVPort     3310
    ClamAVResponse reject
    ServerPID /var/run/dspam.pid
    ServerMode auto
    ServerPass.Relay1 "secret"
    ServerParameters "--deliver=innocent"
    ServerIdent "prometeo-steelform.steelform.lan"
    ServerDomainSocketPath "/var/spool/postfix/var/run/dspam.sock"
    ClientHost /var/spool/postfix/var/run/dspam.sock
    ClientIdent "[email protected]"
    MySQLServer       /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
    MySQLUser         dspam
    MySQLPass         <password>
    MySQLDb           dspam
    MySQLConnectionCache    10
    MySQLVirtualTable          dspam_virtual_uids
    MySQLVirtualUIDField       uid
    MySQLVirtualUsernameField  username
    MySQLUIDInSignature    on
    If I set the preferences using dspam_admin the preferences are correctly saved into MySQL database.
    For example if I give the command:
    # dspam_admin add preference [email protected] trainingMode TEFT
    into mysql log I watch this:
    071025 10:27:37      65 Connect     [email protected] on dspam
                         65 Query       select uid from dspam_virtual_uids where username = '[email protected]'
                         65 Query       insert into dspam_virtual_uids (uid, username) values(NULL, '[email protected]')
                         65 Query       select uid from dspam_virtual_uids where username = '[email protected]'
                         65 Query       delete from dspam_preferences where uid = 2 and preference = 'trainingMode'
                         65 Query       insert into dspam_preferences (uid, preference, value) values(2, 'trainingMode', 'TEFT')
    As You can see it create the user in the virtual table and then set the preferences for the user.

    But when i use the WebUI to display preferences it load and save the users preferences into file in the folder /var/spool/dspam/data/ and not into MySQL.
    How can force the WebUI to use MySQL?
  2. NothingHere

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    I've just read your post, and I have same problem.

    I think 1 year later you have solved your problem ... how ? :)

  3. l.ansaloni

    l.ansaloni New Member

    you really are unlucky.

    I tried the system a ago, and since not working, I left to lose. :confused:
    I also would be very happy if someone tell us where we were wrong.

    The system that still use is based on postgrey + spamassassin.


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