DRBL Diskless Remote Boot in Linux

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    DRBL = Diskless Remote Boot in Linux

    Anybody has install that on Debian 7.x Wheezy? I would like to know if there any con's and for sure pro's!

    Website is part of Sourceforce: http://drbl.sourceforge.net/

    Thanks for any information
  2. Quaxth

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    I was downloading the USB bootable version of DRBL today, installed it on an USB Stick an run it. Since it has Clonezilla included, there wasn't any need for any other install.

    First result using an an test server were really impressive! I had yesterday used Acronis Echo Enterprise Server for to create an Backup of the whole system HDD of that test server, and that was need a long time:
    • Backup: 4½h
    • Restore: 5¼h

    That time was beaten by using DRBL
    • Backup: 40min
    • Restore: 29min

    It was used on the exact same Test Server which no any changes in between! Both I had use to format the HDD of the Test Server after the done Backup and before the Restore. The use were totally equal and that's something which really makes me wonder: how could be the difference in used time for the exact same procedure that huge?!

    Now I'll take a closer look in to install the DRBL system directly to the Server, firstly to that Test Server in case anything went wrong with that! On the Developers site they wrote that the full installation to the server is a bit complicated. So I've to get use of it first before using on my production server. And that's something I'll try to do tomorrow

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