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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Milleman, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Milleman

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    How do I setup my email client to be able to use the ISPConfig mail server? What re the settings, usernames, passwords etc? I've tried using the same login ID and password as the webmail login, but didn't manage to make it work.

  2. Mark_NL

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    thb i have NO clue what your login/password settings are, so i can't help you with that. Maybe your system-, network administrator can supply you that information? (the person who administrates the ISPConfig server, if that's you, no offence, but then i think you're way over your head)


    Logins / Passwords can be set in the ISPConfig adminstration website.
  3. Milleman

    Milleman New Member

    Thanks Mark,
    But I'm currently administrating the ISPConfig and try to understand how things works. I've manage to add an user and send / receive emails through the webmail. I've tried to experiment with configuring my local email client to be able to use the mailserver, but with no success. What login credencials should I use? Same as for the webmail login? What setting should I use in the Authentication type? What name for the mailserver should I use (the "" or "")?

    I'm just an beginner trying to learn about ISPConfig, DNS and mailservers at the same time.

  4. Mark_NL

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    Well, the login data used through webmail can be different then through an email client.

    f.e. some webmail clients want [email protected] as username .. others want only username ..

    email clients normally only want username

    password remains the same

    server: ip/hostname your mail server is running on
    user: username (without @domain.tld)
    pass: same as you use for webmail
    type: pop/imap (whatever you want)
  5. Milleman

    Milleman New Member

    Managed to make it work! :)

    I had to enter the the user prefix plus the user name as login name.
    For example:

    User name: web14_johnny

    Thank you Mark for leading me in the right direction! :)

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