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    I am firsttime on this forum. Thanks for having such a wonderful ISPCONFIG 3 software. I have installed the ISPconfig 3 software on my cloud server with CentOS 5.5 . I have used courier temporarirly as I want to use Dovecot with mysql support. I need help to have Dovecot installed on server with mysql support. I feel that dovecot on centos5.5 do not support mysql.
    Please can you help with detail information on this.
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    Please see on page 4.

    There's a Dovecot package in the CentOS repository, but unfortunately it doesn't support MySQL. Therefore we must remove the existing Dovecot and install another Dovecot package (from ATrpms) which comes with MySQL support:

    yum remove dovecot

    rpm -ivh
    rpm -ivh

    rm -fr /usr/lib/dovecot/
    ln -s /usr/lib64/dovecot/ /usr/lib/dovecot

    The above RPM package do not exist... I mean it is not available at the path mentioned below. I am looking for right package having dovecot which support Mysql. Please advice.
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    change version

    You just have to change the version to the latest.

    Just check in for list of available version.

    For now, it's:

    rpm -ivh
    rpm -ivh
    Hope it helps.
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