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    I have a multiserver ispconfig3 cluster with loadbalancing, everything is working perfectly but I had to update my cluster from squeeze to wheezy. I have managed to get wheezy working, only one thing is not the same as before the update, dovecot seems to work fine only the mail log get flooded by following entrys:

    dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 0 secs): user=<>,,, session=<wIowdvHnvQBTQPj2>
    this entry get logged almost every second! since I'm not so familiar with dovecot and I had a little bit to struggle with dovecot (had to reinstall, remove dovecot.pam and generate a new one) during the update process... I'm not shure if there is something wrong... does this log entry indicate that something is not working properly and is there an other way to get rid of it except by filtering it with syslog?

    thanks in advance :D
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    I have filtered out those log entrys since they are produced by my loadbalancer.

    in /etc/rsyslog.conf I have added the following filter rules:

    :msg, contains, "Disconnected (no auth attempts in 0 secs): user=<>,," ~
    I was not shure if its safe to filter this out but after some research I know it is...

    thanks anyway ;)

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