Dovecot 1.x to Dovecot 2.x mbox to Maildir best transfer program

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    I have a fedora box running Dovecot 1.x POP3 only server using mbox format. I want to port the mail over to a Centos 6.3 box running a Dovecot 2.x server using Maildir format. The main thing I want to do is support XUID/read/unread status so the transfer is transparent for the end user. I have been able to achieve transfers from the mbox format to Maildir but loose the XUID/read/unread status so that the Thunderbird client always re-downloads all the mail as if it were new. Ive googled and I have tried the following:

    dsync : dovecot 1.x server is too old and doesnt support the command? transfers the mbox to maildir and creates file dovecot-uidlist but the Thunderbird client redownloads the files
    virtualmin copy-mailbox: transfers the mailbox to Maildir but doesnt reproduce the dovecot indexes.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    I would like to produce a howto of the process when I am done.
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