Domains limit not enforced for resellers?

Discussion in 'General' started by mrvanes, Dec 5, 2007.

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    I'm using ISPconfig to maintain my DNS and Webserver as an admin and now I wanted to let a friend administrate his secondaries on my machine. So I created a reseller account for him with all services disabled except DNS manager, every amount set to 0 except slave zones, which I left at -1 (unlimited).

    Now I test his account and to my surprise he is able to add Master Domains, and the counter cheerfully indicates he now has 1 of 0 DNS domains created.

    It is not a big problem since I trust him not to abuse the rights, but I thought I'd let it know. I tested a max of 1 Master Domain, since I suspected 0 to be an exception in the code that wasn't handled. But even with max Master Domains set to 1, he can create 2 Master Domains (and the summary shows 2 of 1 domains created).

    So either, I don't understand the limits, or this is a 'serious' bug in ISPConfig (2.2.18)?

    If I go back to the limit page (as admin) and set the max back to 0, the interface correctly warns me that this user already has more than the limit # domains, so the check works on that part of the manager.
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    Have you been logged in with his account or did you test as you were logged in as admin?
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    As I stated in the line "Now I test his account": I logged in as the reseller account, not as admin.
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