Domain won't delete, New Domain Won't Add

Discussion in 'General' started by crypted, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. crypted

    crypted New Member

    For some reason, "" continues to regenerate into the NAMED.CONF even though I deleted it out, and there is NO zone file. This causes my named to crash. It was a site that has been deleted from ISPConfig entirely.

    From that, I tried adding a new domain "" and it will not add the DNS zone files by itself. If I attempt to do it in the DNS Manager, it says that I already have DNS files created. But, they are not listed ANYWHERE on the webpage. I have to do it all manually in SSH.

    How can I get the old domain to delete and get ISPConfig to add the DNS for the new one properly? is a RE-ADDED domain that was removed several months ago.

    After searching db_ispconfig via PHPMYADMIN I found numerous entries for the domains:

    1 match(es) inside table dns_a Browse Delete
    2 match(es) inside table dns_cname Browse Delete
    0 match(es) inside table dns_dep
    1 match(es) inside table dns_isp_dns
    3 match(es) inside table dns_mx Browse Delete
    1 match(es) inside table dns_nodes Browse Delete
    1 match(es) inside table isp_isp_domain
    1 match(es) inside table isp_nodes Browse Delete

    1 match(es) inside table dns_isp_dns
    1 match(es) inside table dns_nodes

    How can I remove all of the information for those domains without screwing up ISPCONFIG so that I can re-add INTRAC.NET successfully, and no longer have GAMEWRECK showing up?

    THANKS a lot!
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  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You can delete Gamewreck from dns_isp_dns, dns_nodes and (possibly) dns_dep.

    But please make a backup of the ISPConfig database before you try this.
  3. crypted

    crypted New Member

    Should I delete INTRAC from all of the locations its in as well? ISPConfig thinks that the domain EXISTS even when it doesn't anymore. I removed it so I could try and re-add it.

    And when I delete GAMEWRECK (and possibly INTRAC) do I click DELETE from the search on PHPMYADMIN? Or, is there another specific way to delete it?
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  4. crypted

    crypted New Member

    Nevermind, I used NOTEPAD and deleted all of the rows with INTRAC.NET and GAMEWRECK.COM listed. Now, everything is working smoothly I think. I was able to re-add INTRAC without a problem!

    Thanks a lot ya'll.
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