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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by danilisss, May 27, 2012.

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    Hello, first of all sorry for my poor English, I speak Spanish.

    As the title of the post my site does not work without www.

    Look here:

    When accessed without www, goes to the default folder.
    And if you access the www works perfect.

    Step by step install ispconfig 3, following >
    Add the website to the panel with auto subdomain: www.

    Load dns records as follows.:

    A IP1 0
    A mail IP1 0
    A ns1 IP1 0
    A ns2 IP2 0
    A www IP1 0 MX. 10 NS. 0 NS. 0

    Try reinstalling the vps, believing that there was an error in the installation of ipsconfig, but as before not working.

    The domain is registered in goodaddy.

    Thanks to all
  2. till

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    I guess the problem are missing glue reecords, as the dns server records of your domains are subdomains of the domain itself.

    Login to godaddy and add the follwoing two records to their ns system: NS. 0 NS.

    Then edit the dns records in ispconfig and ensure that the domain name is lowercase in all records.

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