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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Dizfunkshunal, Dec 31, 2009.

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    ok i have a good feeling im going to look stupid again but i have been searching for 2 hours.

    I installed Centos 5.4 and ISPConfig 3 using Falko's kick ass tutorial.

    my server i set up is and in ispconfig i also created a website for my client account I get the test apache page which is great my server is up and running. I log into the account using ftp and edit the index and upload over writing the old but page does not change. Where did i screw up at?
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  3. Dizfunkshunal

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    thanks i downloaded the index from server I was able to overwrite it.

    I'm getting the apache test page. If im not mistaken i think i remember on ispconfig 2 on a new site there was a place holder page that is different then the apache page.

    Thanks for link that is good info to know.
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    If you get the standard apache page, then your site is not configured correctly.

    1. Check the dns entry of the domain.
    2. Make sure that you selected the same IP address for this website in ISPConfig. * will not always work, so better select the IP then *.
  5. Dizfunkshunal

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    like this:

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