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    Hello Community,

    i want to extend my ispconfig 3 control panel, so that my customers can easily register a domain throught ispconfig. Firstly I want to check is the domain is already in use or not, but how do i accomplish this, since the ispconfig modules are made to insert and get information into the ispconfig database. My problem is not how to check if the domain is in use or not, but my problem is how to integrate this into ispconfig

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    I've answered your question already in the german forum. Please do not double post!
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    And for those who want to have the same (like me) it would be good to have link to the post in the german forum:

    You can within ISPConfig make everything that is programmed with php. ISPConfig is indeed only the surface plus default features for storage in the event that you want to deposit any EOIG code. What happened at the press of a button so you can make completely free to you by the sub-functions of tform_actions for your form of writing (ie one PHP class which overrides the TForm class actions create in the form:

    my class page extends tform_actions {



    my $ page = new page;
    $ page-> onLoad ();

    Look at the code of the various forms in ISPConfig to edit.

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