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    I just install ispconfig 3. The problem is my domain does not propagate. I use the DNS wizard option to create record. Checking the Monitor tab the DNS-Server is online.

    My domain is Right now I can access it by IP
    My nameserver has been setup correctly and bind to IP One more thing. I skip this step in debian squeeze tutorial because I don't know how to run this.

    20.1 OpenVZ
    If the Debian server that you've just set up in this tutorial is an OpenVZ container (virtual machine), you should do this on the host system (I'm assuming that the ID of the OpenVZ container is 101 - replace it with the correct VPSID on your system):
       vzctl set $VPSID --capability ${CAP}:on --save
    I'm at lost here. Anyone here could help me with this. Thank you.

    p/s: Isn't bind is a service? why when I'm running top command I could not find it hmmm.. :/
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  3. 2NDuser

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    Yes I'm on OpenVZ virtualization. Can you explain to me about step 20.1 because I really have no clue how to solve this. I'm not sure whether I have access or my vps provider should do step 20.1.

    Here's my DNS configuration. I use the wizard.


    Thank you. Please help me :eek:
  4. mentes

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    Add these records:

    A ns1
    A ns2

    I can't help you with OpenVZ I never used it.
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    This is how it is done in an OpenVZ server

    What you do is:

    1) Click on DNS tab
    2) Click on 'Add New DNS Zone with Wizard'
    3) In the new window use the follwoing credentials:

    Template: Default
    Server: Your server name from dropdown menu
    Client: The client you want to register the DNS with
    IP Address : Public IP Address separated by a space
    NS 1:
    NS 2:

    And then click on 'Create DNS Records'

    Thereafter whatever you want to change, do so.

    If this reply helps, please contribute to the development of ISPConfig. Thanks!
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    Hey thanks:D As soon as I add this my domain is propagate. Just curious why should I add the ns in A record when there is NS nameserver record automatically created?

    @Zenny thanks for trying to help me :) I also try your solution but it does not work. I add the IP like this 64 191 80 201 and ispconfig also throwing out error for email format. I need to enter email in [email protected] format.

    Thanks everyone :)
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  7. mentes

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    Is not the same A record and NS record.

    You need to create A record for each subdomain, like www. ns1. webmail. or whatever.

    You need create a site in your server, now what you see is a default Apache page, and what you should see is a ISPConfig welcome page.
  8. 2NDuser

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I don't understand why the wizard won't automatically created ns for A record. What is the purposes for the wizard then? I assume my case is isolated problem?

    Thanks again
  9. mentes

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    Because you usually only have two or three nameservers for each server.

    If you have:

    You usually only create and for all domains.

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