Domain names and DNS, what should i do?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by twist85, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. twist85

    twist85 New Member

    I currently installed a webserver (incl ispconfig) using the perfect setup guide for ubuntu. The webserver works fine, however i cant get my head around some concepts and i hope someone here can get me out of my confusion.

    I am hosted on a VPS and i got 1 ip adress. Now i want to host two totally different websites on that same server. I want both of those websites to have email adresses (as much as i want, and ofcourse they should have the same domain as the corresponding website) also i would like to have the ability to create subdomains that point to a particular directory or url (e.g.

    Will i be able to do all that by letting some company register the domain name i want, and let them link it to my server's ip address? Or do i need to start using my own DNS server... I dont know anything about DNS so that would be a bad idea, any tips if i have to use it?

    The most import is that there is a website and people can get an email address which they can use to send and receive. My hosting service provider decided to take a month holiday so i wont be getting help from them:( !

    I would like to thank the people here on this forum for providing a lot of information that already has helped me solve numerous problems! I know my question is kinda dumb but im still a beginner!

    Thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Yes (as long it's an A or CNAME record and not some domain forward).

  3. twist85

    twist85 New Member

    Thanks for the answer.
    I now have another problem with the email... I bought a domainname ( and made A records for the website and mail.
    My domain is active. But when i send an email to a mailaddress i created with ispconfig, something very weird happens. I get this error bounced back:

    I have two domains, one is which currently points to another server. I was messing arround with that address a couple of times so i might have set something wrong in ispconfig.. I have no clue what is happening here.

    Also when i use to give me a dnsreport on i get this at the email section:

    I gues i did something wrong, but i have no clue what :eek: so anybody can tell me what is causing this problem???


    Ps. i can send and receive (not that there is anything to receive but it connects successfully) mails using an email client and the mailaddress i made, i just cannot send mails from other email address (i tried gmail and others) to the new email....
  4. twist85

    twist85 New Member

    Ok, after puzzeling for several painfull hours, i got it working now. I reconfigured postfix but still things are not 100% clear to me. I specified as host (in the postfix configuration) but what if i create a domain and add some mail accounts using ispconfig... will it use for something or what?
  5. chuckl

    chuckl New Member

    You don't state whether your customers will be using your server to send and receive their mail, i.e. as their main mail server, but I am assuming that this will be the case.
    Firstly, when you create a domain in Ispconfig, entries are added to /etc/postfix/local-host-names so that Postfix can verify that it should send and receive mail for that domain, and that it is not a spam relay attempt. It will however identify itself by the name given by your when you set up Ispconfig. e.g.
    However, this does not mean that the rest of the internet believes that. In order to make your server 'visible' as a mail server for these domains, you firstly need to ensure that you have an explicit DNS entry for your server in your domain, with your domain registrar.
    next, when you or your custoimers register domains, in addition to any A or CNAME record pointing to the website, you should create an MX mail record pointing at your server.
    Many registrars automatically create MX records pointing at their mail servers, and these can be left or deleted, your choice. If left, you need to set the priorities correctly, as each MX record has a 'priority', with the LOWEST value being the main mail server. Any of the higher priority number servers will accept mail for the domain, but will forward it to the main one.
    Your customer registers, and the registrara creates 2 MX records MX 20 MX 10

    you or your customer should then add MX 5

    which specifies your server as the main mail server for that domain.

    For gmail, yahoo, hotmail and similar, you should also create an SPF record for the domain, specifying your server as the mail sender for that domain
  6. twist85

    twist85 New Member

    Thanks for that clear answer, i finally understand how it works now!!! I appreciate your help!:)
  7. chuckl

    chuckl New Member

    You're welcome, glad to be able to help. Doesn't hurt that I have a very similar setup...
    Couple of things that I left out, firstly, the MX records HAVE to be a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) -, not an IP address, and the final 'dot', 'period', or 'full stop' at the end of the FQDN in the MX record is important - it is NOT
  8. twist85

    twist85 New Member

    Ok ill keep that in mind! Thanks again!

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