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    Hi im running centos 6.4 ang i have succesfully configured a web server, accessing it is by means of server ip adress I would like to knw how to configure sothat when accessing it instead of ip adress by domain name..thanks
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    You need to have an registered Domain name like first. At the Registra, you'll have to create an A Record which resolves the domain name to your public IP (the static Server IP, public not LAN IP).

    If you have an website running on that server just need to type the domain name like in your browser to connect. If you've some Web Application running, use[Port No. of the Web Apps, NO bracket's]

    You may have to create a proper host file on your server. On debian it would looks like:
    Code:	localhost.localdomain	localhost	server
    # The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts
    ::1     localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
    ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
    ff02::2 ip6-allrouters
    Check with the How To for CentOS The Perfect Server ..... on this website, which may gives you all required infos.
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    Thanks for the informative answer....i have no public ip i have only intranet running a web server in LAN,so it means that it is impossible for me to achieve those i want.HUH!any way thanks a lot it helps me clear my mind anyway,,,hehehehe..So it is not available in intranet setup?
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    For to simply run an Web-Server on your Intranet, you could use AMPPS from Softaculous which also has more than 300 Apps ready to install on that for free or XAMPP which is similar to AMPPS but without Apps.

    Both using Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl and so on and both are FREE! Both will run on Windows OS's, which means you could turn any Desktop PC into an Web-Server like Server and still use it with Windows.

    That may solves your problem. Linux Servers and also ISPConfig are designed for professional use on public Internet.
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    Thank Sir for the reply.
    I have LAMP on my centos 6.4 already it is working great now, i have also try using xampp.what i like most in centos is i learn many thins..what makes me think is that examle my ip serve is all pc over my network can acces it now i would like to change instead of is perhaps,but you said that it is imposible to do if i have no public ip so using xampp still dont solve my concern since it will still IP address that will be in the client browser...

    Thanks a lot Sir.
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    If all your computers on your LAN using their own static IP, you could block those with an Firewall Rule. If the other or some of them using auto-IP's, you could use the Mac Address to block the access to your server.

    It's also possible with (some) Routers for to block Access from some machines to others. You could find that under Access Restriction of your Routers Apps.

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