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    Depuis quelques jours en france nous avons la possibilité d'enregistrer des noms de domaines avec accents. ISCONFIG n'accepte pas les accents dans les noms de domaines lorsque l'on ajoute un "Site internet" dans la panneau de configuration.
    Quelqu'un aurait la solution pour contourner cette problématique ?

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    Since a few days in France we have the ability to record domain names with accents. Isconfig does not accept accents in domain names when adding a "website" in the Control Panel.
    Someone would have the workaround for this problem?
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    I do not have a workaround but I would like to give you the following advise:
    Try not to use TLDs with special characters. In Germany it is use domains with "umlauts" but I do not see why this must be.
    TLDs with special characters do cause a lot of problems for a lot of users and will for a long while.
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    You entered the domain name in wrong encoding as I explained you in my post #7 in this thread. Please read the wikipedia article if you dont know what punicode encoding is and why it is required to add domains as idn strings. You have to enter it IDN encoding as all web services like apache, postfix etc. reqzuire it as idn domain name.

    The correct naming of your domain is:

    as thats the name that the domain is used in the internet technically.

    Check the registry were you registered the domain, they should have a punicode converter or show you the domain as punicode in the registration email as well.
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    All browsers support them for quite some time.
    And I need to use a specific domain, which contains the character "â".
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    Thank you, I will test this, I had mistranslated your answer :)
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    Thank you it works with the field I wanted :) I did not know the standard for domain names.
    Anyway thank you for your quick response.

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