domain name mismatch with dovecot

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by vinny, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. vinny

    vinny New Member

    im using centos 5.4 ispconfig2. im using imap on my machine and it keeps saying:
    you have attempted to estabolish a connection with "" however the sec cert presented belongs to " it is possible though unlikely that someone may be trying to intercept your comm with this website"

    its really getting annoying
  2. vinny

    vinny New Member

    come on ive searched this with no luck, anyone?
  3. punk0mi

    punk0mi New Member

    You will have to generate a new certificate that is self-signed or signed by another CA with the correct CN and put it in place. As to how it incorporated with ISPConfig, I have no clue because I don't use it....but I promise it shouldn't be that complicated.

    What software are you using for mail?
  4. vinny

    vinny New Member

    dovecot is what im using for mail

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