Domain name change, how to, best practice?

Discussion in 'General' started by lonerunner, Sep 1, 2020.

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    On a standard ispconfig web server setup i have added client and a website with all regular setup, database, email, ftp address for example under domain name but now i need to change only the domain name to new one. So the new domain name would be Everything should stay the same, except the domain name. Old domain name is expiring in a week and new domain should use the same website.

    What would be best practice to change domain name on new domain name?
    Should i just edit the old domain name and rename it to new domain name, and then edit dns settings also for a new domain name? Would that do the trick without need to upload and download whole website to migrate it and/or change other stuff ?
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    Yes. Just change the domain name in the domain field of the website. In addition, you might want to temporarily add the old domain name as alias domain, so that users who still access the site by the old domain name, will end up on the correct website.
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