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    "Since ISPCOnfig 3 there is a new module available named "domain" where the administrator can restrict the domains for the client and reseller. Enabling this module converts the input fields for all website domains to select fields which show only the domains that the administrator assigned to that user. "

    Is there a plan to include the DNS module? I think it is very important also to include the DNS module.
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    This is not in the roadmap yet. Please feel free to post a feature req
  3. till

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    This is not planned yet. Feel free to make a feature request in the bugtracker.

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    Thanks Till,

    Correct me if I'm wrong. A user with access to the DNS module, who's domain field is an input field could actually mess the system.

    As a user with DNS module access could just simply add let say and create records for it. And doing that would affect all those clients locally hosted on the server who at the same time uses the server as their dns resolver.
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    ISP's that use the domain module normally administer the DNS records for their clients and dont grant them access to the dns module directly.

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    Hi Till,

    All was working well with the domain module. Until I did a fresh system install and the module doesn't work anymore after that.

    What could have I possible done wrong?

    Should I run ispconfig update via svn?

    DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS"

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    Sorry about that, mistake on my part I forgot to enable it under System > Interface Config > Domains.

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