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Discussion in 'General' started by prometheus_seven, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. prometheus_seven

    prometheus_seven New Member

    I have a question about ISPconfig 3. If I add a domain, is it possible to let the owner of that domain add emails for users of his domain? Or do I have to do it myself all the time. Can I delegate that responsibility to the owner of said domain?
  2. Shader

    Shader New Member

    It depends on the permissions you delegated to this client.
    - Create the client
    - If you don't want him to manage his domain, while creating the client in the "Limits" tab put 0 to all domain-related fields. In this case you should later add his domain manually from administrator's account.
    - Set necessary quota and other mail-related params (amount of allowed mailboxes, aliases, routes, etc).
    - Add domain and email domain for this client from administrator's account.
    - Send to client his credentials and he'll be able to manage his mailboxes, but not allowed to delete or change his domain.

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