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Discussion in 'General' started by Ballistic509, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Ballistic509

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    I know that there is a feature request for this, but in the meantime this little thing is keeping me from wanting to go live with ISPConfig 3. When I add a domain, how in the WORLD can I do it without having to always go and create a new DNS zone manually?! The same with subdomains.

    In my opinion, this should be done automatically whenever a new subdomain or any domain is created.
  2. Toucan

    Toucan Member

    I used to agree with you on this, but by virtue of it not being a feature I have had to learn more about dns records which has ultimately done me a favour. Although, saying that, I understand not every client wants to understand dns.

    Planned for a future release though I believe.
  3. Ballistic509

    Ballistic509 New Member

    Of course it will help you and your customers learn, but what to do with the customers tht just want it to be a one click deal? I don't think customers should have to deal with such a thing.

    A nice option maybe would be a checkbox on the domain creation page and new site page to automatically generate DNS entries if the user wants it. If they don't, they can un-check the box.
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