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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by acaradic, Feb 27, 2007.

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    I’ll start from beginning. Followed The Perfect Set-up – SUSE 10.2 and everything when ok. Install afterwards ISPConfig also no problem at all.

    Have been looking all over the net, this forum and many more. Looked at some tutorials, at name server thing with Godaddy and other but still I’m not getting anywhere. I can’t get my head around it. Here we go:

    Let’s say I own domain

    Question 1: How do I set-up “”? Is this mean by going to “Yast” =>Network Services=>Dns and Hostname and adding an ns1 as a hostname and as domain name? Is that all? Or by adding staff somewhere else?

    Question 2: Can I run a name server “” at the same machine where I got “The Perfect Set-up SUSE 10.2 + ISPConfig” on one IP address?

    Question 3: Can I add (which is mentioned in question 1) and (which is any free dns server on the net) to site where I bought my domain?

    Question 4: After all this above do I add “” (whic is mentioned at the begining) as I would any other domain in ISPConfig's ISP Manager,and DNS Manager as a master dns?

    Can I have some understandable answers with not too much technicality, please?
    Thanks for your help and understanding!
  2. falko

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    Go to the authoritative name server of (you can find out by running
    dig ns
    ) and create an A record for ns1 there.



    For any domain different from the answer is yes. If you want to host DNS records for on, you need a glue record:

    Also take a look here:
  3. acaradic

    acaradic New Member

    Thanks Falco it looks clear now

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