and SMTP are not working.

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    I'm a server newbie first and foremost... :)

    Where to begin...

    1) I am using Ubuntu 9.04 x64 Server and ISPConfig 3. I installed using Falco's guide exactly. I can access my ISPConfig control panel, but only through using http://my-ip:8080 when outside my network, yet can access it with my IP and my when inside my network. I bought my domain from DirectNIC and I have nameservers and set up in the ISPconfig control panel pointed to my IP. DirectNIC says the domain is resolved with my server, yet when I try to access from outside my network it just tells me "address not found" straight away. I have port 80 and 8080 forwarded to my server on my router. These are the only ports forwarded. I think this explains what's going on. Basically I can't access my site or control panel using my domain. I have no idea now what to do.

    2) My SMTP-server is offline in the control panel, so when I set up an email account and try to send, it gives me an SMTP error 111 (can't remember exactly the error code). I'm not sure how to get this working either.

    I'm sure its something simple and I just didn't enter my info right. If any log files would help I will gladly provide the info. I'm not very proficient with terminal just yet, so I may not know how to find this info, but I will figure it out and do my best.

    Anyway this is long, thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated! :)
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    1) Make sure that you used the external IP address for DNS and not the internal IP address.

    2) Take a look at the mail log.

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