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    I`ve gotten the task to move a domain to a new LAN. Along with this move is a DNS server, with several other domains that are administrated through it. Not just inside the local lan, but outside as well.

    The server is an old win2000 box, and obviously needs a replacement. I wish to use a linux server for this purpose, but im no DNS expert. So im a bit worried on how to transfer these domains to a new master dns, and at the same time being able to change the dns records to the outside world.

    Can anyone provide me with a few pointers on this subject. For example on were I can read it up. Im hoping for something as informative as howtoforge. The guides here are simply excellent.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. chipsafts

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    Are you changing the IP address space?
    If that is what is happening , you will need to update the information with whoever you paid to get your domain name.

    I don't recall seeing a tool that would transfer the settings from a W2K DNS to a Bind DNS, you may need to do it by hand (or use webmin to help).
  3. falko

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    Since it can take some time until DNS changes propagate, I'd move the web sites to their new location and run the new and old web sites in parallel for a time until you're sure that the DNS changes have fully propagated.

    I'd also run the old and new DNS servers (with identical records) in parallel until you're sure that your ns records have fully propagated. Afterwards you can switch off the old DNS servers.
  4. raypettersen

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    Isnt there some sort of "higher organ" that desides what DNS servers can be able to change outside adresses?

    Are the NS records the key to changing a master dns server? Would I have to manually replicate the dns entries from a win2k box to a linux box?

    In feeling a bit on thin ice here, my questions are probably very unnecessary. I will read a bit up on dns server functions tomorrow.
  5. falko

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    Let's say you have two name servers, ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com that are authoritative for your domains.

    Now if you move ns1 and ns2 to different servers, it can take some time until this change propagates. Some name server notice this change faster than others, that's why some queries go to the old servers and some to the new servers. That's why the old and the new servers should contain the same information.

    After a few days, all queries should go to the new servers. But I'd wait at least two weeks before I'd switch off the old servers.

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