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  1. luoto

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    Hi there.

    Language might be the issue here.)

    Is the DNS settings within the ISPCONFIG manager ONLY to say where the domain.tld gets its authorative DNS from, i.e. my ISP. And then any domains we host on the ISPCONFIG box makes its own primary DNS (which we would use for future domains like newdomain.tld) and then use a secondary DNS to take records from the ISPCONFIG primary DNS server.

    Not very clear ! Thanks
  2. valter

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    As far as I understood, ISPCofig should be your primary DNS, and you should update your Name Servers where ever you have registered your domain.tld to point to ISPConfig box.
  3. luoto

    luoto New Member

    Thanks, so is the "second value" (page 9 of the manual) in fact your secondary DNS which will take the DNS from ISPCONFIG? I wish I could speak German as it would be easier to check the original intention. Cheers, D
  4. falko

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    These settings are of interest only if you want to host DNS records on the ISPConfig server itself. Then ns1 should be the hostname of the ISPConfig server and ns2 the hostname of your slave DNS server. These hostnames will be listed as NS records in the zone files.
  5. luoto

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    Ah, thank you kindly ! Will continue with work on it .

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